Drumskull’s New Line of Solid-Wood Congas

No Ordinary Congas

After years of being in the pipeline, Drumskull has finally launched its line of Solid-Wood Congas. True to the Santa Cruz, California company’s tradition, the new line of congas blends the best of old world and new world techniques to create one beautiful set of hand drums.

But great looks are only the beginning - wait till you hear the DrumSkull Congas — all individually built and featuring hand-carved shells, hand-made hardware, hand-picked skins ... hand-mounted at the DrumSkull home base.

• Solid One-Piece Shells: Unlike common congas, all DrumSkull congas are made of solid wood. No staved construction here! These solid-piece shells are made out of hard wood carved in West Africa by expert craftsmen, the same carvers with whom we've been working for over a decade. Furtheremore, the woods are gorgeous, exotic African hardwoods such as Lenge (Lingué) and Hare' (Guéni), traditional woods that produce exceptional tone due to their density.

• Hardware of Unparraled Quality: Our hardware is all hand-made to the specific drum. No factory production one-size-fits-all stuff here. The result is perfectly fitted rings for each specific shell. We take extra pride in offering sleak hardware that sits tightly to the drum and does not create extra bulk. For added comfort, our Traditional Hardware Series comes with a 3/4" half-round top ring system. All hardware is made from high-tensile corrosion-resistant stainless steel. It will avoid tarnishing and will hold up to the elements.

• More Lugs: Our hardware also features more lugs than standard congas: Seven lugs for the Conga and Tumba, and six for the Quinto. More points of tension leads to better and more consistent tuning. More lugs also prevent against the common problem of the plates digging into the wood over years of tuning.

• Straight Lugs: The lugs are straight, not bent or curved. We put extra effort in creating a hardware design that offers immediate response when tuning. Our design offers the most efficient tuning and also offers and original look.

• Girthy: Our hardware is beefy without being bulky. It will hold up to heavier tension and eliminate any risk of bending or breaking over time.

• Real Cow Skin: No plastic-sounding processed skins! The skins we use are natural hair-on skins from Guinea, West Africa. The natural skins retain their original oils which contribute to both the feel and sound. This results in superior tone, resounding with warmth, and a natural feel that is pleasing to the touch. We manually shave the hair off each skin, but if you look closely you can still see some hair on the edge of the skin (not the playing surface).

• Rubber Bottoms: Every one of our congas is custom-fitted with a rubber bottom that is hand-tailored from high-grade hard rubber. This protects the shell from scrapes and cracks, but also gives the player a comfort in knowing they can put the drum on the ground without damaging the shell. The rubber bottom is also adhered with a super-high quality adhesive that melds the rubber to the wood with absolutely no chance of separation nor peeling. Lastly, the rubber bottom is shaved and cut to fit the exact contours of the shell.

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