DrumTone @ 2013 Chicago Show


Okay, we already know from the previously post Boom Alley video that the concept of air-tuned drums is hardly new, but how about drums whose pitch can be quickly altered using carbon dioxide? That was the proposition at DrumTone’s booth during the 2013 Chicago Drum Show, where the company was showing off its new timpani – a highly portable model that can be quickly tuned using a CO2 canister. It might seem like a pretty tiny market until you factor in the drum corps applications.

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  • Thanks for the interview Brad, but there’s SO much more:

    DrumTone Rings do the magic on Any drum. Here’s how;

    Air pressure inside each DrumTone Ring equalizes head tension and changing pressure changes the pitch! Adding live, fully acoustic clear musical pitch control to your favorite drums is incredible!

    Install a DrumTone Ring between the rim and hoop of each drum head, connected to a Supply Tank with Regulator & PitchDial.

    First, tune heads to your lowest desired pitch, including any pitch bend ratios you like. Then, turn the PitchDial to raise pitch of All heads All at once (as much as one full octave) set anywhere you like!

    Add a DrumTone PitchPedal for Hands Free pitch control!

    Change the pitch of all your drums between songs or sets of different music styles, even While you’re Playing!