Drumwerx Makes Exotic Kits

Drum Builder Joe Bifano of Drumwerx

By Greg Dawson Published September 20, 2009

Drumwerx is known for its exotic woods and veneers.

Ambrosia maple.

Incredible koa set.

Joseph Bifano had a successful woodworking business in Hawaii when he decided to build his first set of drums. “I owned my own business building high-end kitchens using lots of different exotic woods and thought it would be interesting to make a set,” he recalls. When he was able to sell several sets to friends and other players he met, his experiment turned into a part-time business.

Later he moved to Colorado and eight years ago Drumwerx was born. “One of the best things I offer is that I can build an size drum with any wood veneer,” Joseph says. “In fact, he adds, “I think I’ve only built one plain maple set. I don’t need to make sets or finishes that you can get from any of the regular drum companies.

The toughest part of being a small builder is marketing. Joseph makes sure that he has completed custom sets available on his site and on eBay, which is how most customers find him. You can order your exotic wood drum from http://www.drumwerx.com where they have a grest set configurator, or by calling 303-648-3334.

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