Dynamicx Snare Drums

Dynamicx Is Dynamite

The folks at Black Swamp, the Michigan–based builder of concert percussion instruments, have introduced Dynamicx, a whole new line of exclusive high-tech snare drums.

The components on a Dynamicx Drum are designed to work together to create an incredibly responsive drum that is easy to tune and easy to play. Oh, they look pretty good too.


The titanium and stainless shells used on Dynamicx Drums are models of precise engineering. The entire shape of the shell, including all mounting holes and the snare beds, are cut by waterjet technology. The rounding and welding of the shells are accomplished by specialized machinery for absolute consistency and to maintain the highest quality control. Veneered shells are all unique. Each veneer is chosen for some special character it may have, then applied to the shell to bring that character out.

RCK Throwoff

The RCK throwoff is an original throwoff design by Black Swamp and Drum Foundry president Eric Sooy. The smooth, quiet action of the throwoff is accomplished by a unique roller bearing actuator utilized on the SoundArt and Multisonic throwoffs that Sooy developed. The SoundArt and Multisonic are used on Black Swamp's concert snare drums. There is a full 1/2" drop distance on the throwoff to eliminate snare rattle against the head. The RCK's low profile and smooth contours complement the classic look of Dynamicx Drums.

Arch Lugs

The arch lug is a fresh look at the classic tube lug. Infused with a hint of art deco aesthetic, the floating tube design avoids the cliched tube lug and post design.

Dynamicx Wires

Dynamicx snare wires are designed to produce a wide and responsive dynamic range. They balance the tone of the drum with the sound of the snare wires.

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