Eduardo Martinez’ Red Sparkle Amati Maple Set

Eduardo Martinez’ Red Sparkle Amati Maple Set

This Amati set is a vintage, 1970s, blast from the past, quite literally. Purchased in 1985, Eduardo Martinez said he remembers the year so well because it’s when the big earthquake hit his home in Mexico, a day that can’t easily be forgotten.

Martinez purchased the maple kit (built in the Czech Republic) from a Brazilian drummer in Mexico City for the equivalent of $70 here in the states. He said during the ’90s he remodeled it with Pacific hardware, shown in the photos above.

He’s already had requests to rent his set for recording sessions, and Martinez said he performs at pro gigs with the Amati. No matter the style — rock, latin or jazz — this cat plays all styles and rocks harder than any quake could.

Amati Maple drumset red sparkle
20"x14" bass drum
12"x8" tom
16"x16" floor tom w/ legs
14"x7" DDRUM diablo snare drum

13" Zildjian Armand hi-hats
18" Wuhan crash/ride
8" Wuhan splash
20" Zildjian Z Custom ride
16" Wuhan Black China

DW7000 Pedal
Evans and Remo drumheads
Regal Tip Mauricio Claveria signature drumsticks

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