Epic-X-Over Kits From Ludwig

Time To Cross Over

By Andrew Lentz Published October 5, 2009

As part of the ongoing celebration of its 100th anniversary, Ludwig takes the science of drum shell design into the future with the Epic-X-Over and Epic-X-Over Striped kits.

When the Epic series was introduced in winter 2008, its hybrid of ultra-thin birch and maple shells offered a thick, wet sound. The Epic-X-Over refines the acoustic philosophy to an even further degree. Employing its unique Segmented Shell Crafting, the Epic-X-Over Striped fuses the darker quality of walnut with the warmth of North American maple to strike a perfect balance between rumbling lows and sparkling highs. The alternating bands of walnut and maple look stunning to boot.

The standard Epic-X-Over features inner and outer plies of walnut surrounding its poplar core for a tone that speaks in the lower registers. Both the Epic-X-Over and The Epic-X-Over Striped are equipped with three birch reinforcement rings for extra durability. Available in Red Burst, Black Burst, and Purple Passion

For a fatter sound, the Epic X-Over Arena kit sports a 24” x 20” virgin kick, 14” x 6.5” Snare, 12” x 8” tom, and 16”x16” floor.

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