Evans G1 and G2 Coated Heads Tested!


I’m not a particularly heavy player and didn’t have any problems with the heads’ strength during my regular practice routine. So here’s what I did to test durability for you readers who hit hard: I mounted a 13" tom head and tuned it just past finger tight. Then I gave it 50 of my hardest whacks with a Regal Tip Titan stick and pulled the head back off the drum to check for dents and film distress.

The results were mixed. The G1 head didn’t fare very well and dented within a few strokes. However, the G2 withstood the barrage much better. While there were no single dents, the film was slightly stressed at the beating spot. The end result is that heavy players should pass on the G1 heads and try the G2 instead.

One Other Problem

Evans sent me several sets of heads, so I gave some to a couple of my students – Dom Galindo and Jacob Saenz – to check out. Both felt that the sound, tunability and construction were very good, but Dom experienced a problem with the head coating. While playing with brushes he found that the coating would sometimes catch the brush wires when he dug the tips into the head surface. However, Jacob felt that the G1 and G2 coating wasn’t as abrasive as the coating on his usual heads. So go figure.

Bottom Line

I like these heads. The positive factors of tunability, sound quality and construction far outweigh the few minor negative features I encountered. You should try these heads out and see if they will give you the sound you’re looking for. Personally, I like the heads so much, I’m going to keep them on my drums.


Model: G1 (single-ply) and G2 (double-ply) coated drumheads
Features: Patent-pending water-cooled molding process, robotics coating technology, closed-loop feedback hoop-forming machines
List Prices: (G1 coated): 6" $15.10; 8" $15.55; 10" $16.15; 11" $17.25; 12" $17.25; 13" $18.75; 14" $19.75; 15" $20.80; 16" $22.70; 18" $29.80; 20" $31.75
(G2 coated): 6" $15.95; 8" $16.40; 10" $17.00; 11" $18.25; 12" 18.25; 13" $19.75; 14" $20.80; 15" $21.85; 16" $23.95; 18" $31.50; 20" $33.40

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