Evans Relaunches E2 Heads


Evans Relaunches E2 Heads

By Radim McCue Published September 2, 2009

The drumhead designers at Evans are launching the new EC2 with SST™ (Sound Shaping Technology), which promises a breakthrough in sound optimization. The new and improved EC2 with SST™ feature a new damping technique that insures optimized performance for each individually sized drumhead.

The EC2 SST™ heads provide the ability to control the ring thickness and density in addition to its width. Controlling the placement and mass of the ring allows the player to finely target select frequencies for removal in order to fully optimize the attack, tone, length of sustain, and ease of tuning for each size head, delivering a more balanced and pre-EQ’d sound across the full kit.

Michael Robinson, Senior Product Manager at Evans says, “This new Sound Shaping Technology allows the heads to vibrate evenly, tune quickly and of course offer improved tone. This breakthrough design is just more proof that Evans is dedicated to pushing the envelope.”

Artists are also excited about the EC2 SST heads. Chris Pennie of Coheed and Cambria says he gave the new EC2's a test run on a recent overseas tour, using them on his Mapex Orion kit. I felt like they had a little bit more tone, like the drums were a little bit more resonant, which for me, I like having. The new muffling rings are nice! After pounding these for a few shows, they stayed focused. They were definitely durable as always and were easy to dial in just like the first generation ECs.”

The Evans with SST™ is shipping today, September 1, in 6”-18”, clear and coated, and will retail for $26.00 - $50.00.

For more information on Evans Drumheads, please visit http://www.evansdrumheads.com.

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