Exodus Cymbals Poised To Take On The U.S.

Exodus Cymbals Poised To Take On The U.S.

exodus cymbals

Combine the ever-expanding availability of handmade Turkish cymbals with online social media’s guerilla marketing tactics, and you wind up with a new breed of cymbal smiths who largely fly under the radar.

That’s the marketing model startup Exodus Cymbals used to develop a strong foothold among Latin American drummers. Now the company has its sights on the U.S. market, and plans to take its message above ground by exhibiting at the upcoming NAMM show in January and reaching out to traditional drumming media (like us!).

But the Exodus story isn’t just about marketing and branding. They’ve worked to develop a truly unique sound by fashioning their entire catalog from the rather unorthodox alloy of Bronze 25 (which otherwise means 25 percent tin/75 percent copper). This differs from the typical Turkish formulation of B20 bronze, which features 20 percent tin.

We’ll be sure to report on the company’s various lines as the information become available.

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