Express Yourself With TMD Custom Drums

Kustom Kool

By Andrew Lentz Published November 12, 2009

When TMD was formed back in 2005, owners Michelle and Thomas Diverio knew they had their work cut out for them in the competitive niche of the custom drum building.

Premiun-grade shell woods and top-notch components would be a base line for what drummers in the custom market expected. What really set the Miami-based drum maker apart, however, was the edgy, next-level styling and gorgeous artwork they were willing to apply to each and every drum they created.

Take the Zen-like Asian theme that was hand drawn on this 10x18 high-gloss custom bass drum with tube lugs. Like all of TMD’s offerings, this drum can be ordered à la carte or you can order an entire kit with this finish. Or choose your desired trim level in Finish 1, Finish II, Finish III or Ceelite. Hardware accessories include Gauger RIMS mounts for the toms and Gauger Dynamount floor tom mounts.

If you’re looking for a snare drum, TMD has a whole wing of their operation devoted specifically to custom snares decked out with classy barbell tube lugs and Trick throw-off. The exceptionally sturdy thick-walled TMD snares come in 10- or 20-ply for incredible tone, high volume, and superb feel. Interestingly, TMD snares also come in unique dimensions such as 12” x 6 and 13” x 7.5”, not to mention high-tech iterations such as the “floating chamber” snare drum.

All TMD drums are custom made to order and can be ordered in any size with any finish, which runs the gamut from natural stains and eye-popping colors to unique splatter designs, pinstriping, glitters, and powedercoated, chrome and black chrome hardware. If you don’t see what you’re looking for from the company’s ginormous collection, chance are they will build it for you. Visit TMD today for pricing.

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