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Outdoor Percussion Buffet

By Andrew Lentz Published November 25, 2009

For marching band and drum corps, mobility is key. That’s where the BBQ Drum Rack and the Trap Table Cart from 2 Cool Percussion comes in.

Built to look like an outdoor grill but used as a drum rack, you can mount most anything on the BBQ Drum Grill such as a 5 gallon paint bucket, pots and pans, drums and more.

Used by The Groove Chefs of Sea World in Orlando, Florida to dish up tasty beats, the Drum BBQ features 100% slip proof drum rack, 8" pneumatic tires for easy moving, multi mounts to clamp cymbals and more, and a bottom and side rack holder. Available for $950.

Like the Drum Grill, the 2 x 4 height-adjustable Trap Table also has a 8" pneumatic tires for smooth movement. Stacking percussion is easy with the table’s rack with 3/8 rods for cow bells, jam blocks, and cymbals. The included tow handle and eyebolt allow other instruments such as a bass drum stand can hitch to it, making a train of instruments.

Additional features include arms for crash cymbal and welded-in multi clamps for cymbal boom or wind chime holder. Can be used as a bell stand, or sound mixer cart, electronic keyboard cart or more. Bottom span used for speakers or add plywood bottom shelf. $ 650.

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