Ford’s Corian Snare Drum


By Andrew Lentz Published August 4, 2009

Just when you thought they couldn't think of any more materials for shells, along comes Ford with their Corian-Koenig snare drum.

Funnily enough, Corian, a reflective granite-like material primarily used in kitchen counter tops, has acoustic properties that make it ideal for an incredibly loud and ultra-responsive snare drum. Named after Ford craftsman Elliot Koenig, these solid-shell drums feature horizontal-stave construction for a more uniform sonic distribution within the shell's interior.

The Corian-Koenigs are also appointed with the usual Ford goodies including Trick/Ford 3-Step throw-off (Dunnett throw-off optional), proprietary aircraft aluminum lugs, die-cast or 2.3 mm hoops, and snare beds painstakingly handcrafted by Jimmy Ford himself.

The “F” mark carved into the Ford logo functions as an air vent, creating a classy shadow-box effect.

Available in 13” and 14” diameters, anywhere from a 4.5” to 7” deep. List price starts at $1,895.

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