Ford’s Maverick Series: Way Beyond Tough

Ford's Maverick Series: Way Beyond Tough

If life on the road has been unkind to your drum set's finish, the Maverick Series from Ford Drums could be the solution.

Thanks to a proprietary BTS Kevlar®-infused elastomer finish – hot-applied at over 200 degrees – the Maverick resists scratching, impact, and all the other nicks and dings kits acquire over time. This is one road-worthy drum set, but that's just for starters.

In addition to the Maverick's protective features are its sonic characteristics. Combining 10-ply all-maple shells with a nitrocellulose lacquer coating on the interior of each shell optimizes sound reflectivity, thus enhancing projection – exactly what you want whether on stage or in the studio.

Like all Ford kits, the Maverick Series has custom graduated bearing edges for maximum resonance and stick rebound. The shells also come clad in corrosion-resistant aircraft-aluminum lugs.

Available colors include black, yellow, red, white, and blue. Rock Shell Pack list price, $4,610. Fusion Shell Pack lists price, $4,950.

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