Foxy Goes Pink

Foxy Unveils Pink Drumsticks

By Ivar Slovak Published August 18, 2009

KINGFIELD, MAINE - Pink hair, pink guitars, and, of course, Paris Hilton's wardrobe. Now, Foxy Drummer has announced the immediate availability of its new line of pink drumsticks. Filling a void in colored sticks, Foxy is catering to drummers who are looking to stand out at their next jam session or gig. Foxy’s new line of sticks are made in the USA from hand-selected hickory and are available in size 5A (wooden tip). Most other sizes are available for orders of a dozen pairs.

Unlike a lot of colored sticks that use a tumble finish, Foxy employs a slow dipping process that allows for a more even color coating that lasts ridiculously long, according to the company. The dipping process is similar to how Dairy Queen takes ice cream cones and dips it in a chocolate batter. (Foxy would like to remind drummers that their sticks are not edible and should be used for drumming only:)

Foxy’s pink drumsticks carry a suggested retail price slightly under $15 a pair. For more information please visit Foxy Drummer.

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