Free Ocean Way Drum Library for Reason 4 users

Free Refills

By Andrew Lentz Published October 26, 2009

Sonic Reality, creators of the Sonic Refills, Miroslav Refills, Ultra Refills and the popular free "Tastefill" have put together yet another free refill for all Reason 4 users to download! This time it is one stellar-sounding 24-bit drum kit from the Ocean Way® Drums library; a refill with a stereo Ocean Way® Drum Kit 10 "Medium Ambience Mix" Kit for the NNXT and ReDrum!

Sporting over 700 MB of sound, Ocean Way drums features larger-than-life sound, having been recorded in the legendary Studio B at Ocean Way Recording in Hollywood, California where artists like Radiohead, Beck, Green Day, Kanye West, Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton and countless other artists record. It was recorded and mixed by Grammy®-winning engineers Allen Sides and Steven Miller to offer users "album ready" drum mixes right out of the box. Ocean Way® Drum kits have a natural acoustic sound that has presence, punch and depth rarely found in drum sample libraries.

Now all Reason 4 users can have a FREE taste of this amazing drum sample collection to use right inside their Reason 4's NNXT, ReDrum and Combinator! The FREE "Ocean Way® Drum Kit 10 Medium" Refill can be downloaded exclusively from Sonic Reality's web site and enter the following promo code: PROMO-OWDPROP

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