Gadd Asks For A Doggie Bag

Steve Gadd Joins Zildjian Cymbal Bag Lineup

As the latest addition to its line of signature cymbal bags, the Steve Gadd Artist Collection Cymbal Bag from Zildjian may not help you play the solo from “Aja” any better, but it will most definitely preserve your precious pies from nicks, chips, and other signs of road wear.

Designed with the active participation of Gadd himself, the heavy-duty cotton and rich brown leatherette trim exterior of this 22”-diameter bag is the ideal blend of function and style, featuring Gadds’s distinctive signature, the Zildjian logo, and an embossed image of the drummer’s very own bulldog, Jack. (As selfless with his branding as he is in his playing, Gadd is).

The bag is outfitted with a rugged, antiqued metal hardware and a high-quality metal zipper for a touch of real class, not to mention an adjustable shoulder strap, padded carrying handle, and a rubberized skid plate on the bottom of the bag.

Says Gadd, “I wanted this cymbal bag to be something special. I feel passionate about drumming and dogs; why not put them together?” Why not indeed, Steve. $129.95

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