Get Hip With The Spaun Drums Jazz Series

What does a respected custom drum maker do after producing countless cutting-edge drum kits that explore the extreme parameters of vents, hybrid shells, and crazy finishes? Go back to basics, which is exactly what Brian Spaun has done with the retro Spaun Jazz Series drum kits and snare drums, which feature 100 percent 8-ply maple shells.

Buyers have the choice of ordering drums with internal 8-ply maple reinforcement rings (for a shorter decay and higher fundamental pitch) or without (for a more open, resonant sound with a lower pitch). Other features like classic rounded bearing edges for a darker, more subtle voice, beavertail lugs, vintage rail mount, T-handle claw hooks, Vintage Stick Saver Hoops, and Remo Vintage A heads will help you channel your inner jazz cat.