Gibraltar Turning Point Hardware Tested!


Quick Release Hi-Hat Clutch

It’s not easy to get excited about a clutch. In most cases, it either performs well or it doesn’t. Not the case here, however. The Quick Release Clutch outperforms regular clutches in two ways. First, the quick-release mechanism eschews the standard threaded nut for a spring-loaded lock that slips on and off in less than a second. Simply depress your thumb in the center, pull down, and you’re good to go.

This not only speeds up your hi-hat exchange, but also leads me to the second major benefit of the Quick Release Clutch — no more loosening nuts! If you’re a heavy hitter, you’re probably no stranger to retensioning your clutch after every few songs. The new Quick Release puts that to rest with this super convenient mechanism. Another major timesaver.


Ultra Adjust Boom Stand With Turning Point

The last component of Gibraltar’s new Turning Point series really gives new meaning to the line’s name. The Ultra Adjust Boom Stand is so loaded with cool features that I found myself discovering something new each time I set it up.

The stand’s most intriguing element is the patented Ultra Adjust gearless system, which splits the stand’s second tier with a large ball-shaped joint that offers a full-hemisphere of positioning range (see accompanying video on for more information). The joint was easy to operate with a single T-rod tensioner, and eliminated any placement problems created by other stands and spacing. Very unique and very impressive.

The stand also includes a 10" hiding boom arm, mating memory locks, the gearless brake tilters mentioned above, and of course, the Swing Nut. With all those extra appointments, getting the stand into my ideal position took a little more time than usual, but every setup thereafter was quick and easy.

Additionally, in an effort to reduce stand weight, Gibraltar replaced its regular double-braced tripod with a much lighter aluminum alternative. The base not only cuts down on weight, but the arrowhead shape of each leg is very sleek, too, with L-shaped aluminum supports that come to a gradual taper on each end.

The Ultra Adjust Boom Stand was a tremendously innovative and effective piece of equipment that could easily help a lot of drummers. Perhaps a bit overwhelming at first, the stand turned out to be a lot of fun, and really feels like a glimpse at the future of drum set hardware.


Gibraltar’s Turning Point hardware was created to address two main problems: stands are too heavy, and mounting cymbals with wing nuts take time and are frustrating. Given how effective these pieces were, I’d say they handled those two problems and then some.

The Turning Point line places a high priority on convenience and flexibility without sacrificing basic function or packing on pounds. Be warned, these perks come with a price, but those extra pennies will go a long way in streamlining your setup.

Model & List Price Ultra Adjust Boom Stand $260, Swing Nut Adaptor $29.99, Quick Release Hi-Hat Clutch $30, Deluxe Cymbal Tilter$49.99, Grabber Cymbal Arm $75.99
Features Quick-release Swing Nut on stands saves time and frustration; lightweight L-shaped aluminum legs and full-hemisphere ball-joint on Ultra Adjust stand; threadless, push-button design on Quick Release Hi-Hat Clutch.
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