Gibraltar Ultra Adjust Hi-Hat Stand: A New Twist

Gibraltar Ultra Adjust: A New Twist On Hi-Hat Stands

By Andy Doerschuk Published January 28, 2011

I’ve said it before and … what do you know? … I’m going to say it again: Some of the coolest ideas in the drum market always reside in innovative hardware designs. You know: add a wing nut, remove a wing nut, and bingo! – you have a whole new ball game. And now Gibraltar has devised an interesting twist in hi-hat design – the Ultra Adjust Hi-Hat stand. This little charmer gives players the best of both worlds by providing comfy positioning for the leg base and independent positioning for hi-hats. Gibraltar’s patented Ultra Adjust system contains two gearless positioning points that allow the drummer to dial in an independent positioning for the hats, all within 8” of displacement for the upper stand section of the hi-hat. Trust us – you’ll feel as if you’re cruising down Highway 1 in mid-July with the top down as soon as you start splashing these platters.

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