Gretsch Drums Vintage Cherry Burst Kit

The folks at Gretsch Drums aren’t kidding when they claim that a kit is “limited edition.”

To celebrate its 130th anniversary this year, the legendary company has committed to release a series of four unique USA-made USA Custom drum sets, including this classically beautiful Vintage Cherry Burst outfit in nitrocellulose satin lacquer. It officially went on sale on June 1, but you shouldn’t dawdle to snap one up since Gretsch will produce only 12 of them for US distribution. That’s right – just 12!

Made of 6-ply Gretsch formula maple shells cut with 30-degree bearing edges, the Vintage Cherry Burst kit features the company famous Silver Sealer interior finish and is fitted with chrome hardware and die-cast hoops. Each drum will have classic Gretsch appointments, a special 130th anniversary interior shell label that is numbered to signify its production sequence, and a certificate of authenticity. The two-up/two-down configuration includes a 22" x 18" bass drum, 10" x 7" and 12" x 8" mounted toms, 14" x 12" and 16" x 14" floor toms, and a matching 14" x 6" snare drum.