Gretsch Glory Restored

Gretsch Restored To Glory

By Kerim Mac Published November 26, 2009. Originally published 2007.

Some guys have all the luck. Not only does Mike McGill have a great Pearl Reference Kit, with its advanced design, but he also has a Vintage 60's Gretsch Kit. Take it away, Mike.


Thanks for the invite on MySpace to send in some pics.The first 2 shots are of my 60’s Vintage Gretsch Kit. I restored them myself. The hardware is mostly Pearl. My cymbals are mostly Zildjians with one Serpent Sidwinder 17”. (I’m an endorser for Serpent.) "I hope you like them and get em up on your site.

Thanks again.


Mike, they're up and we're digging it. Thanks a lot.

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