Gretsch New Classic Drums Get Sparkly

Gretsch New Classic Drums In Ocean Sparkle Burst Finish

By Andy Doerschuk Published November 3, 2009

My old (and I do mean old) buddy John Aldridge — former editor of Not So Modern Drummer Magazine, snare drum engraving master craftsman, and current drum tech with REO Speedwagon — has said to me on many occasions: “The drummer with the prettiest drums gets the gig.” Now, I’m not sure I entirely agree with him, but even if his theory carries a small shred of credibility, I expect to see legions of drummers rushing to their local music stores to snap up Gretsch’s New Classic series drum kits in the new Ocean Sparkle Burst lacquer finish. Using Gretsch’s exclusive Mixed Sparkle Technology, this hand-applied finish incorporates a meticulous blend of small, medium, and large sparkles. Shell color goes from deep blue at the top and bottom to a turquoise shade in the middle of the shell, radiating a rich and glittering finish. Yummy!

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