Gretsch Launches A Hickory Kit

Gretsch’s Latest Innovation: Hickory Drums

Hickory drumsticks? Sure, every company makes hickory sticks. Hickory drum sets? Well now, that’s an entirely different matter.

Hickory has long been the primary choice for stick makers due to its hardness and shock resistance, but while experimenting with the species in its drum shells, Gretsch discovered that the wood’s density leads to a sound with substantial low end, while maintaining a solid, controlled tone with tons of clarity. Before long the new Gretsch Renown Purewood Limited Series In American Hickory was born, and as you can see from the photo, it’s a thing to behold.

While the inside of the shells feature a natural finish, its outer shells are treated to a finely applied gloss lacquer to accentuate the distinct grain pattern of the wood. The classy kit comes complete with chrome hardware, die-cast hoops, Evans drumheads, and 30-degree shell bearing edges.

Want to make your drummer friends jealous? Gretsch Renown Purewood Hickory drum sets are available in a five-piece shell pack (MSRP $3,080.99) and a six-piece shell pack (MSRP $3,999.99).

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