Grover Open Tone Temple Blocks Take A Knockin’

By Andy Doerschuk Published June 10, 2010

You won’t need to split a coconut in half the next time you want to emulate the sound of oncoming horse hooves. The new Open Tone temple blocks from Grover Pro Percussion should do the trick. Hand-crafted in the good ol’ USA using high quality Russian birch — chosen for its great strength, durability, and resonant sound characteristics (rather than iffy politics) — each block is not only graduated in size, but tuned so that every set is tonally matched for optimum sonority. Grover Pro temple block sets include a robust quick release multi-clamp machined from aircraft-grade aluminum that allows the player to securely mount the set on any vertical type of stand, such as a cymbal stand or concert tom stand. Grover Pro offers eight graduated temple block sizes: The standard set (Model TPB-X, $320 suggested retail price) is perfect for most applications and consists of five graduated sizes. Grover Pro’s unique bass set (Model TPB-XB, $320) of three large blocks extends the range downward from the standard set. So it’s time to get your gallop on! Hi-yo Silver, away!