Grover Brings Log Drums Into The 21st Century

Grover Pro Brings Log Drums Into The 21st Century

By Andy Doerschuk
Published March 7, 2011

Grover Pro has taken percussion out of the primitive environs of the jungle and brought it onto the concert stage with the introduction of the company’s new line of professional level concert log drums. Compared to ordinary log drums, Grover Pro’s version feature increased resonance, superior tonal quality, and unparalleled craftsmanship. Imported Baltic birch is used for the resonator box, chosen for strength and tonal stability. Meticulous dovetail joinery employed on every Grover log drum continues a longstanding tradition started by New England wood craftsmen centuries ago. The “double curve” CNC machined padauk soundboard is specifically designed for maximum tonal clarity and focus of sound. Currently available in three models, Grover Pro log drums retail for between $315 for a 20" model to $365 for a 30" drum.

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