Grover Roll Ring: Cool Tool For Tambourines

Grover Roll Ring: Cool Tool For Tambourines

If you’re like me, you’ve never had much success executing thumb rolls on a tambourine. I still can’t figure out whether the trick is in the amount of moisture on your thumb, or the pressure you apply to the head, or … is it just dumb luck?

Well, the inventive people at Grover Pro Percussion obviously took pity on those of us who never mastered the technique by introducing the Grover Roll Ring.

The 1" wide self-adhesive band is specially shaped to conform to the outer circular edge of a headed concert tambourine. It has a special non-permanent adhesive backing that makes it easy to install and remove in seconds. The Roll Ring is reusable and can be applied and stored numerous times.

Life’s too short to agonize over trying to discover the secret of the tambourine roll. Just get yourself a Grover Roll Ring and count your blessings.

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