The Sound Of Sand With Meinl Sand Hats

Meinl Harnesses The Sound Of Sand With Sand Hats

By Andy Doerschuk Published July 23, 2010

Can you describe the sound of sand? Meinl can, now that the powerhouse German cymbalsmith has invested the unique tonalities of sandblasted bronze into its new Byzance Benny Greb Signature Sand Hats. Following the successful launch of Greb’s 20" Sand Ride, these hats complete the sonic spectrum with a warm, dry, quickly decaying alternative to so many other splashier hi-hats. While the concave side of each cymbal looks relatively standard — with hand hammering applied at Meinl’s Turkish factory and lathing completed in Germany — the convex sides are subjected to a sandblasting process that creates a unique aged patina and vintage tone. While it might appear that the playing side is free of lathe lines, look closely and you will spot a thin strip of lathing running along the outer edge of the playing side — clearly a vital step in the tuning process. Made of B20 bronze, Byzance Benny Greb Signature Sand Hats are perfect for jazz cats that seek crisp tip articulation, minimal wash, and lots of control. Suggested retail price: $620.

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