Hamilton Stands Re-Issues a Classic

Classics Never Go Out Of Style

By Andrew Lentz Published July 11, 2009

Introduced in the early 1950s, the KB275 snare drum stand from Hamilton quickly became the choice of concert and drum set performers. Now back by popular demand, the company is giving you a chance to have your own without scouring vintage drum shows.

The new KB275 is a faithful reproduction and, like the original, features a unique drum basket that accommodates 12”-17” diameter without changing the height of the drum’s bottom rim. Also, its design does not put pressure on the counter hoop which can make it out of round and dampen the sound of the drum.

The base is rugged and durable, with double-strip steel legs and steel-on-steel threaded connections.

The range of height adjustment, from 21 ½”-35” is greater than most other stands available. Like the original, the KB275 sports red polymer feet.

Also being introduced is a companion stand, the KB274, which is designed especially for drum set use with a smaller footprint and lower height range. It also works well with large toms, field drums and specialty drums. $99.

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