Hammerax Increases Liquicy By Power of Five

Hammerax Raises Liquicy To The Power Of Five

Hammerax has announced that their Liquicy brand bronze cymbals are now available in five sizes. The company is well known for its innovative sound designs that have greatly extended the cymbal sound palette for drummers. The original 22" Liquicy surprised drummers with its wild finish and profound liquid wobble effects.

Liquicy® is now available in 14", 16", 19", 22", and 24" models. The 14" model has a fast waving flutter with a crash sound that is almost splash-like. The 16" model wobbles at a medium speed with a smooth crash tone. The 19" version produces an even slower liquid-y wobble and a beautiful crash. The 19", 22", and 24" also enter into the crash-ride realm and yield a smooth, complex ride when played a few inches from the edge with light sticks. The constantly moving tone also keeps any one harmonic from standing out.

One of the most surprising things about Liquicy is how well these work in everyday situations. The wobble is quite easy to control once drummers get to know them.

The Liquicy achieves its wobbly sound by virtue of being thin and able to move in multiple directions. However, the radical effects of the Liquicy sound are due to other aspects of its construction as well. "We employ several complex metallurgical processes to make these cymbals move in this way. These were years in development" says Stannard.

The original 22" sends out a startling, deep vibrato. The 24" model, with its broad surface area, offers even more wobbly "wave" action. It is lovingly hammered from cast and rolled bronze which is first cut to less than 23" and literally grows to 24" while the cymbal is hammered. Hammerax President John Stannard says, "The Liquicy weighs just 1935 grams average—the lightest large crash you've seen. It also has the distinction of being the most intensely hammered cymbal we make. The hammering and heat treating are very complex.

Liquicy cymbals are made of a special alloy that is heat treated in a unique process. Each one is hammered thousands of time in the production process. The company has endeavored to make the cymbals stronger than ever with the installation of a new hammer system that can refine metallic grain and add flexibility to the metal. "Rolling happens while a cymbal is flat, but is only the beginning," says Stannard. "Our hammering method continues throughout the cymbalmaking process on a 3-D scale, adding strength, volume, and richness" says Stannard.

All of the new models are in stock immediately. Additionally, all US-made Liquicy cymbals are included in the Hammerax Fall Sale in which drummers can receive substantial discounts through outlets such as Musicians Friend.

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