Hammerax Indigo Suspended Cymbals

Hammerax Indigo Suspended Cymbals Catch Hang Time

There was a time, not so very long ago, when I didn’t believe the cymbal market would ever have a subcategory of small boutique shops, like you see among custom drum makers. Silly me. Companies like Hammerax exploded onto the scene several years back with ideas about bronze that ventured beyond rides and crashes.

But then Hammerax threw yet another curveball by launching lines that leaned much closer to traditional cymbal design, such as the Indigo series, which the company has just augmented with a new suspended model. Made to be hung rather than mounted on a cymbal stand, Indigo Suspended cymbals come with extremely strong synthetic cable, which the company claims is ten times the strength of steel. These unique pies emit a silvery swelling sound that can grow in volume and move up into very smooth highs.

The Indigo Suspended series line consists of a 16" light model, and a limited edition 20" light design. Both come with a four-year warranty.

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