Hammerax Makes A Louder Whipcrash

Hammerax Makes A Louder Whipcrash

By Radim McCue Published January 3, 2009

Hammerax has announced updates to its Whipcrash line,offering some of the biggest crashes in the industry. Whipcrash® features an S-Shaped array of Microcups on the surface, which can be raked for one-handed rolls. By starting out at the tip of your stick and raking back and forth, then moving gradually to the shank, the sound deepens and increases in loudness. The 18", 21" and 24" feature 10 microcups. The 24" Whipcrash® Ultra features a total of 36 microcups to make one handed raking easy from any angle and increase volume.

According to John Stannard, President of Hammerax offers a sound combination not available in other cymbals. "Most loud cymbals achieve volume by focusing on one range of sounds," he says, "usually highs. Whipcrash® spreads the volume over a wider range. Whipcrash® cymbals can reach extreme loudness but also shimmering color. Hammerax uses an especially strong bronze alloy that, when combined with unique hammering techniques, yields an extreme range of sonic colors and volumes from a mellow roar to a screaming wall of sound. Removable sizzles are included with each cymbal. Whipcrash® also sounds even richer when heard at distances of 15 to 30 feet. Whipcrash® leans toward the dark spectrum but has beautiful mids. The 24" is deeply dark and can function as a true crash or a crashride. The center cup on Whipcrash® is dark and integrated rather than being a bright bell sound. These microcups are not attached sizzles but true miniature cups which are forged in the cymbal."

Whipcrash Ultra, featuring 36 microcups.

Whipcrash® cymbals are benefitting from a new hammer system at Hammerax, which can refine metallic grain and add flexibility through hammering. They are hammered thousands of times and are made of a special alloy heat treated in a unique process. The result is a cymbal with durability and volume. "These are the loudest cymbals we have heard," says Stannard. "We collect hundreds of loud cymbals from many sources and nothing compares in terms of total blast of crash sound. They are especially rich and loud in the dark and middle spectrum. We recently measured the 24" Whipcrash® Ultra at 119 db. That is very loud, but Whipcrash® sounds absolutely stunning when combined with bright cymbals. The total wall of sound is impressive." Hammerax cymbals come with a 4-year Limited Warranty. Patents Pending.

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