Impression Cymbals Invade The USA

Impression Cymbals Invade The USA

Impression Cymbals

Is the American market ready for yet another Turkish cymbal company? It better be, because after developing a devoted following in Europe and South America, Impression Cymbals has opened an office in the USA and is actively seeking dealers.

The Impression catalog is … well … impressive, boasting a total of ten models, each with its own unique sound that addresses a different type of application. Just take a look at that lineup of cymbals above, which sport self-descriptive names such as (left to right) Jazz, Dark, Mixed, Dry Jazz, Rock, Smooth, and Traditional.

You can see that the company employs familiar characteristics associated with modern Turkish cymbal design, such as multiple surface textures; completely rough, unlathed models; and heavily hand-hammered pies. But Impression has also made an effort to appeal to American tastes with cymbals that have decidedly Western features, such as the Traditional and Rock lines. You can also expect other present-day trends, such as odd sizes (like 21" rides and 17" crashes), multiple weights, and crazy-cool concepts like the wobbly-looking Trash model.

Since the company is still developing its dealer base, you can order cymbals directly from the Impression website, and judging by what we saw, prices are currently pretty darned low. We plan to keep an eye on this exciting newcomer!

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