Instructional DVD From Legacy Learning Systems

Sometimes More Is More

By Andrew Lentz Published October 128, 2009

A lot of instructional DVDs pack in the extras but Learn & Master Drums With Dann Sherrill from Legacy Learning Systems doesn’t mess around when it comes to giving students their money’s worth.

Sherrill, a Nashville session great who has worked with Steve Winwood and other legends, has provided twenty-two lessons spread across 11 CDs. The lessons are designed to be learned sequentially and are executed in a clear, step-by-step process to instill the rudiments. The last ten sessions are devoted various stylistic aspects to playing. There is also a bonus DVD covering set up, recommended stretches, tuning, and so on.

Topping off this generous package are five Play-Along CDs offering musical recordings of all the exercises you learn in the sessions. Supplement this with the Lesson Book for actual musical examples of the lessons in the DVDs. Users can get additional lessons, exercises, and access to a discussion board at the company web site. $249 (payable in installments).

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