Invader V3 Practice Pad From Offworld Percussion

The Invasion Will Not Be Televised

The Invader V3 practice pad from Offworld Percussion will advance your rudiments so quickly your bandmates will assume you were abducted by extraterrestrial forces and reengineered with superhuman drumming abilities.

The secret to this ability-enhancing drum tool: Offworld's patented DarkMatter playing surface, which reproduces the articulation and feel of real drum heads with such accuracy you may not know the difference. And tell us that glossy jet black doesn't look dope. Also available in natural-color gum rubber.

Surrounded by a super-tuff abrasion and weather-resistant black nylon composite matrix, the Invader V3 lets you do rim shots, rim clicks and all the other effects you would do on a regular snare without damaging your sticks. Fits into any snare basket.

The Invader V3 has a non-skid base that makes it safe for table tops or playing anywhere. Better yet, it fits perfectly on top of any standard 14" snare drum so you can practice in silence during drum corps choreography and maneuvers during practice. Recommended by the country's top marching bands and marching band magazine editors.

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