Jack Daugherty’s Roland Setup

Jack Daugherty is a 48 years old, going on 18 when he first appeared on Drum Set Of The Week two years ago. This Vice President of Ryangolf Corporation in Deerfield Beach, Florida gigs with a sweet Roland setup that he has developed over the past few years, and now we have a chance to show you this kit today.

Jack started playing the snare drum in the 6th grade, and moved up to his first drum set in the seventh grade. On top of playing in High School Jazz band, Marching Band, and Concert Band, he also laid down rhythm duties for the groups "Relayer" and "Peak."

Not long after graduating high school he quit his job to join the Wallstreet Blues Band, and spent time touring all over the Milwaukee area. After discovering the difficulties of paying your bills as starving musician, Jack decided to accept a scholarship at Penn State University. Upon graduation, Jack got a job working for Wadsworth Golf Construction, and traveled around the country building golf courses. He got married, his son entered his life, and, in Jack's words, he ended up making the worst mistake of his life when he sold his Tama drum set.

In 1999 Jack moved to Coral Springs, Florida, took a job at Ryangolf, and redeemed his near fatal mistake by purchasing a Roland V Pro Drum Set. Almost 15 years after putting down the drumsticks, he found out that the parent of one of his son's friends was in a band and looking for a drummer. Needless to say, Jack now rocks out with the group Any Position, playing the private and corporate party and picnic circuit in Florida. Jack has even had time in his busy schedule for the occasional studio gigs. Here's his setup.


Roland V Pro

TD20 Head

TD10 Head

Roland SPD-S

CYR 15 (1)

CY 14 (2)

CY 12 (2)

PD9 (3)

12” Tom (2)

10" tom (3)

Tama Throne

Sound Reinforcement

Custom Mixer rack ( holds mixer, Headphone amp, Omega audio interface, v cymbals, snare stand and throne stand)

80 Gig I pod

Omega audio interface

Samson headphone amp 4 channel

Mackie 14 channel mixer

EON 15" powered side monitors

JBL 18 Powered subwoofer

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