James Trunko’s Detroit Custom Creation

James Trunko’s Red Marine Pearl Detroit Custom Creation

We’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Sam Oginsky of Detroit Custom Drum Company while trolling the aisles of the past few Chicago Custom Drum Shows. So it was a nice surprise when one of Sam’s endorsers James Trunko sent in info about his latest DCDC creation.

Built to his specs, metalhead Trunko took possession of this stunning setup early this year and has definitely gotten plenty of use out of them while playing with Crud (featuring Sponge singer Vinnie Dombroski), as well as Mound Road Engine.

“It was time for ’my own’ pro-level kit,” Trunko says. “I could choose from basically any wood, hardware, sizes, and finish that I wanted! Who wouldn’t want to do that?”

Can’t argue with you, kid – so Trunko contracted Oginsky to build a maple-shell kit with two 22" x 20" bass drums, 12" x 10" and 14" x 12" mounted toms, and a 16" x 16" floor tom, all finished in a Red Marine Pearl wrap, fitted with chrome-plated brass tube lugs, and mounted on suspension mounts. He chose a classy 14" x 6.5" Tama G Maple snare drum with abalone inlay to complete his drum configuration.

Trunko’s cymbal rig includes a mix of Paiste, Sabian, and Wuhan cymbals, while his hardware setup includes Tama cymbal and tom stands, a DW hi-hat pedal, and two Tama chain-drive pedals “with the ’red ball’ Danmar beaters, which I stand steadfastly by!” The drums are headed with a combination of Remo and Evans models, which Trunko wields Zildjian Super 5A nylon tip sticks to hammer upon.

For more information: Go here to check out our video coverage shot at the Detroit Custom Drum Company booth during the past three Chicago Drum Shows. Oginsky always brings some beautiful specimens to show off to the gear-hungry mob.

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