Jaymz Hughes’ Hybrid Kit

Jaymz Hughes' Hybrid Kit

By Radim McCue Published September 23, 2009

Jaymz Hughes is a 37-year old Canadian drummer who anchors a modern-rock alternative cover band in Windsor, Ontario. Their name: Sellout (Hey James, don't be so hard on yourself!).

Jaymz wrote and asked us to make his kit famous and we're happy to oblige. It's a hybrid kit he put together on a budget, but according to Jaymz, "It sounds great, and gets the job done." Well done, Jaymz.


Yamaha acoustic and electronic drums, Sabian Cymals, Pro-Mark sticks, Evans G2 skins, Behringer mixers, CAD drum microphones, LP block, cowbells, tambourine. Stands and hardware by Gibraltar.


  • Yamaha Rydeen Fusion Size Drums
  • 6" and 8' rototom set
  • 10", 12", 14" toms
  • 14" snare
  • 22" bass drum


  • Sabian XS20-10" splash
  • XS20-14" medium crash
  • XS20-16" medium crash
  • XS20-18" medium crash
  • XS20-18" medium crash/ride
  • XS20-18" Chinese
  • XS20-18" Chinese
  • XS20-20" medium ride
  • XS20-13" medium hi-hats
  • XS20-14" medium hi-hats


  • Yamaha


  • Yamaha DT Xpress-2 module and pads
  • 1 Roland bass drum trigger
  • CAD 7-piece Pro Drum mics
  • Behringer Xenyx 1222-FX Mixer

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