Jerry Alfaro’s 1964 Leedy

1964 Leedy kit has seen two generations. (Below) Jerry's band, the Plutomaniacs.

Jerry Alfaro has a Leedy kit that is going to be played by three generations in the same family. Here's what he had to say about it. "I'm sending you a picture of my 1964 Leedy Drum kit I bought with $$ I saved in a school banking system in grade school. I would cash in coke bottles, mow lawns and what ever I could do to put money into my bank account. I bought the kit for $156.00 from Best Music Supply in Oakland , CA in 1964. I only had enough money at the time to purchase the bass drum, snare, hi-hat and one 12" cymbal. Over time I purchased the hi-tom and floor tom. I played the kit through grade school, junior high, high school and college. When I got married it was put into storage at my Dad's house and I brought it out when my son joined the school band and wanted to play drums. Over the years of playing I wore the hardware out so when I wanted to get in good playing condition I purchased all new hardware and cymbals. My son played it through his school years and enjoyed every minute.

"About five years ago when I was still working, I'm now retired at 57, a bunch of people in the department I worked in wanted to get together to play at a department Christmas lunch. We all had never played together and we just clicked. We now play gigs every month and practice at my home twice a week. We play 60-current rock and some jazz music. It has been great fun and that old Leedy drum kit has provided me with many years of memories. The snare was given to me by Joe Morello when I was playing in college. He did a show at the college I was attending and gave it to me after the show for driving him around town for a couple of days. I only wish I had him sign the head.

"I now have a 3 year old grand son and he loves to play drums. It would be cool to have three generations playing the same kit.

"That's the story of my Leedy Drum Kit. Gotta get to bed, we have a gig tomorrow and us old guys need their rest."

Jerry Alfaro

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