John Burlock’s Red Ludwig Vistalite

John Burlock's 1976 Ludwig Vistalite In Red Is One Of A Kind

By Jordan Liffengren
Published March 10, 2010

John Burlock, from Youngstown, Ohio, plays in a local cover band called Pvt. Partz. His band plays classic and modern rock music from the 80's up to current hits.

He says, "I was in the past a fan of Tama Drums and currently own a double bass kit in the Granstar custom series. A few years back I was bitten by the vintage drum scene and to date own nine kits and around 50 vintage snares." About 2 years ago he came across a 1976 Ludwig Vistalite kit in red. He disassembled the kit, cleaned the hardware, buffed the shells, and waxed everything.

"I had heard mixed stories about how Vistalites sounded and was not sure if I was going to gig with the kit," Burlock said. "I reheaded them using Evans EC2's on the tom batters, G1's on the resonants, EMAD bass head with a clear EQ4 for the resonant. The kit came with a matching 5x14 snare but I chose to use either a Ludaloy Supraphonic in the 6.5x14 size or a Bronze Supraphonic in the 6.5x14. Well after a bit of tweaking I was sold on their sound and have been gigging them ever since. Here are some photos of the drums on stage at a local club."

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