Jon “Bermuda” Schwartz Vintage Concert Tom Kit

A Classic 1976 Ludwig Vistalite Concert Tom Kit

By Jordan Liffengren

Published March 22, 2010

John Bermuda Schwartz plays a classic 1976 Ludwig Vistalite concert tom kit
"Here's my 1976 Ludwig Vistalite concert tom kit. It probably started out as an Overdrive kit (with a virgin kick and 4 larger toms) and the 4 high toms were added to the order. It has the original stands, lugs, gaskets, rims, rods, washers... and is clean as a whistle."
    Supraphonic 6.5 x 14
    Kick 14 x 24
    Floor Tom16 x 18
    Classic Concert Toms
    5.5 x 6
    5.5 x 8
    6.5 x 10
    8 x 12
    9 x 13
    10 x 14
    12 x 15
    14 x 16
"I've gigged and recorded with these, and forget the old disco tuning, these rock. Concert toms are back!"
[Ed. Note: Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz is the drummer for Weird Al Yankovic.]

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