Kelly Shu Flatz: Bounty For Bass Drum Boundary Mikes

Kelly Concepts, the inventors of the ingenious Kelly Shu, has introduced their newest inner bass drum microphone mounting system, the Kelly Shu Flatz, which is designed to accommodate boundary microphones. The system provides the ability to leave the mike inside the drum during transport and, according to Kelly Concepts, will increase the responsiveness of the microphone’s performance. The smartly designed shape of the mounting unit reliably encapsulates the microphone with no worry of it damaging the inside of the drum shell between gigs, no matter in which orientation the drum is handled.

Made in the USA from strong high-density composite materials, The Kelly Shu Flatz is available in three different models that accommodate four of the most popular boundary microphones used for kick drum applications: the Shure Beta 91 and 91A, Shure SM 91, and Sennheiser E901. Installation of the product’s rubber isolation ring support system is as easy as removing and replacing four pre-existing hardware screws located inside bass drums sized from 20" to 26" in diameter, and doesn’t require additional drilling or modification. Retail price: $59.95.