Kickport 2 Improves On The Original

It’s safe to say that the drumming universe was turned on its collective head when the Kickport bass drum sound enhancer was introduced a few years ago. Since then drummers around the world (including your loyal author) have enjoyed the extra low-end punch this nifty little device delivers to your kick.

And yet, the inescapable question remained – where to go from here? Well, onto the Kickport 2, of course; although the accessory’s latest incarnation isn’t just a cosmetic facelift. The second-generation version features a newly developed Firm-Flex collar for easier installation, a better fit, and an even fatter bass drum sound. This is welcome news, since I personally found installation to be a bit tricky with the original design. But even better – despite all the improvements, the company hasn’t raised the price by a single penny.

So if you’re one of those drummers who waited to see if the Kickport would ripen like a fine wine over time, I’ve got news for you – it has.