KickPort Now Available In White

Just For KickPorts

Want to inject some serious boom into your bass drum, but don't want to color clash with that nice, clean factory resonator head? The new, white version of the KickPort bass drum tone enhancer fits the aesthetic (and sonic) bill.

So simple it's ingenious, the KickPort is exactly what the name says: a port in the resonating head of your kick drum that amplifies you bass drum simply by harbessing the natural properties of the horn-shaped plastic piece that slots easily into your standard 5"-diameter bass drum port. A rubber gasket around perimeter prevents air or sound leakage.

A prototype of a white of the KickPort was unveiled at Winter NAMM 2010. Originally available only in black, this second version of the innovative, sound-improving drum accessory is showing up at music stores just one year after the KickPort appeared at the 2009 Summer NAMM Show and was honored with a “Best In Show” selection. Now you don't have to worry about clueless soundmen improperly miking your kick. Your bass will have just plenty of oomph regardless.

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