KickPort Introduces Limited Edition Color

allman brothers

You might want to stand back to avoid the stampede of drummers headed to their local drum shops to snatch up the limited edition candy apple red version of the KickPort 2 SE, which goes on sale today!

As you remember, KickPort made a big splash in 2009 with its unique sonic enhancement device, which installs into the front bass drumhead to boost its depth and dynamics – at least by a smidgeon. But like the groundbreaking RIMS suspension tom mount that preceded the KickPort by a couple decades, a smidgeon is plenty enough to fatten your sound.

The new color joins the company’s palette of black, white, chrome, and gold models. So what are you waiting for? Chartreuse?

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  • Sure, I can understand with a little bit of acoustic ingenuity this device can enhance a fraction of sound from a bass drum, but is it really so necessary? I can imagine on the front of even a nice red-sparkle finish kit, it would degrade the look of your kit as a whole within a stage scenario. Maybe in a studio situation it could give more depth to a kick, but is this not something we already manage with through dynamics & equalization in the studio set-up?

    Would love to hear from someone who has purchased and actively uses this bit of gear! What color did you go for? How does it look on the kit? What sound can you achieve with this addition? I want to be proved wrong!