Kit Snare Drums: Do It Yourself And Save

Kit Snare Drums: Do It Yourself And Save

The Kit Snare Drums DIY ethic has more in common with Ikea than any other custom drum company – customers get a screaming deal on a snare drum, as long as they’re willing to invest a little elbow grease.

But they make it as easy as possible. Order one of the company’s three models and you receive an unfinished 8-ply shell, pre-drilled and pre-cut with 45-degree bearing edges and snare beds, as well as a full complement of hardware.

And the company doesn’t skimp on quality fittings, which include a Dunnett R40 Swivel Lever Quick-Release throw off and butt end, solid brass chrome-plated tube lugs, 2.3mm heavy duty top and bottom chrome-plated triple-flanged hoops, tension rods and washers, standard snare wire, Remo Ambassador drumheads, and all the screws, washers, and gaskets you’ll need to assemble the drum. No special tools are required.

KSD snares come in a 6.5" depth with 12", 13", and 14" diameters. And the cost? Well, $279, $289, and $299, respectfully. That’s a nice price for a custom snare, and the company claims it takes only an hour to assemble (although you do have to finish the shell as well – but that’s just part of the fun of doing it yourself, isn’t it?).

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