Korg Dresses Up The Wavedrum In Basic Black

By Andy Doerschuk Published September 23, 2010

I consider myself a living testimonial to the utter coolness of Korg’s Wavedrum, which reappeared on the scene last year after taking a tad more than a decade off. It didn’t lose any of its cache in the interim, and remains one of the most realistic electronic drum controllers on the market, with an organic interface, comprehensive arsenal of percussion sounds spanning the globe, and innovative synth sounds. Wavedrum features a real drumhead that enables the performer to use sticks, brushes, mallets and/or traditional hand-drum techniques (mute, slap, bend, etc.) while tracking with righteous accuracy. So the question around Korg’s conference room table must have been: Where do we go when we already have just about the coolest stand-alone Edrum on the market? Easy – offer it in a new color, which is precisely what Korg has done. Say howdy to the limited edition Wavedrum Black, which comes with a solid black metallic hoops and an exclusive Black Suede Remo drumhead – projecting a different vibe than the aura of the original silver. So it’s as good as it ever was, but just more better.