Lawrence Scott’s Tama Rockstar Custom in Caramel Fade

Lawrence Scott's Tama Rockstar Custom in Caramel Fade

By Jordan Liffengren Published March 4, 2010

Lawrence Scott's Tama Rockstar Custom in Caramel Fade is a work of art.

  • Bass Drums

    22" x 18"

  • Toms

    8" x 8"
    9" x 10"
    10" x 12"

  • Suspended floor toms

    12" x 14"
    14" x 16"

  • Snare drums

    14" x 6 1/2" Valley Drum Shop Maple
    1969 Rogers Dyna-sonic

  • Cymbals

    14" Full Crash
    16" Full Crash
    16" Fast Crash
    22" Dry Heavy Ride
    17" Crash
    18" Crash
    16" Crash/Ride
    18" China

  • Pedals/Stands

    DW 5000 X-celerator
    DW 8000 hihat stand

    "The kit is mounted on a Yamaha Super Rack with 1 1/4" tubing as opposed to the 1 1/2" tube that everyone else uses. The kit is still under construction with more additions coming. I am adding custom fabricated rack legs to the kit in the next few weeks. I need to finish building them and send them out to get chrome plated," Scott said.

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