Left-Handed Double-Bass Pedal from Dixon

Lefty’s All Right

By Andrew Lentz Published December 17, 2009

Are you a left-handed drummer forced to modify your gear choices in a right-handed world? If so, Dixon feels your pain.

The company’s new 911DB-L heavy-duty bass pedal will make your life a whole lot easier with its left-side master pedal sporting a dual-surface angle-adjustable beater. In addition, the easy-access bass drum clamp, a double-chain cam-drive system, and a center U-joint provide dependable, versatile and extraordinarily precision functionality.

Stabilizer platforms on the main and slave-side pedal feature built-in spurs so you can kick away with confidence and consistency. Sleek, two-toned machined footboard completes the setup’s handsome look. $349.99.

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