Leon Taylor Signature Snare Drum from Canopus

Something Ventured, Everything Gained

By Andrew Lentz Published December 1, 2009

When Leon Taylor, son of Ventures drummer Mel Taylor, took over his dad’s role in one of the most famous surf bands of all time, he figured the best way to celebrate his new job was getting a custom snare drum. That’s when he called Canopus.

The Japanese drum maker, specializing in high-end jazz kits, responded with a fierce 1mm brass shell to get the kind of power that was required. Though Taylor debated using 6-ply maple, birch and even aluminum, brass was chosen for its ample attach, terrific projection and fantastic tone that Taylor experienced after road-testing a prototype on tour in 2008.

The company initially balked when Taylor demanded all black hardware since paint will dampen vibration and cancel out desired high overtones. Luckily, Canopus’ engineers concocted a powdercoating that doesn’t sacrifice sound. A handsome black nickel finish and elegant center-mounted round lugs completes the look.

Said Taylor of his signature drum: “This snare drum is awesome. Powerful and focused. And it looks amazing. I was looking for a snare drum that would give me the projection and attack and also have sensitivity for any playing situation, live or in the studio.”

The Leon Taylor snare works great in a wide variety of applications from punk, pop, and metal to reggae, rock, and funk. Available in 14" x 5.5" with pressed hoops and CPSL-14NP snares.

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