Life Guild Drums Launches Custom Snare Drum Line

Life Guild Drums Launches Custom Snare Drum Line

Life Guild Custom Snare

Life Guild Drums has released a new line of solid wood snare drums, with a twist: a retrofit is offered on all models, using the drummer’s existing hardware. All LG Drums are handmade and feature both stave shells and exquisitely patterned segmented shells. The drums are offered in three distinct series, the Player Series, The Pro Series, and the Legacy Series.

The Player Series features a single stave shell constructed of maple. The Pro Series offers a two-layer tonewood combination stave shell featuring Life Guild Drums’ proprietary undercut bearing edge. The Legacy Series are segmented shell drums featuring handcrafted patterns otherwise unavailable on the market today.

All snare drums feature the same hardware; 3mm triple flange hoops, Trick multi-position throw-off, PureSound Pro Series brass snare wires, solid brass tube lugs, and come standard with Remo Ambassador heads. You can see (and hear) the drums at

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